L 0 U D meow
noise & chaos in between long naps
almost in Halcyon, New Hamsphire
  deep into the fields.....
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awash in make believe. early rose red......

daff yellow....


Just a small workshop staffed with a few camera cats
busy finding time to film and photograph outdoors, by the
roadside, the water's edge, or just off trail, over a hill,
in the woods, in someone's backyard, or behind a tree.
Often surprising the wildlife, annoying the still life, and
adventuring to capture those elusive yet always special
sequences with semi-expensive camera equipment.
Each new moment, a place we have never been.
Mostly noise and chaos in between long naps........


Seasons change. Time moves faster.
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Or read the director's dialogue behind the films
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And play the vuvuzela on the MUSIC page.


2015 LOUDmeow    Tous Droits Reserves.
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