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  face of the black bear
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The L I T T E R B O X

Our 'CATS IN SPACE' project


Now another tribute, Return of the Jedi.
The shortened version, again with us cats.
No time for games, now.
Just work, work, work

   burning #2 Rocket trial........ light speed trials........

The 'CATS ON STAGE' project

Taking time off from rocket development
the staff improvised some stage performances
with a lot of 'outside' help, of course
No one's giving up their day jobs
(not that anyone had a day job)
It can get so hot in the Arizona desert

The 'FLYING TURKEY' project

Yes wild turkeys can fly
and do fly quite a lot
Once they're in trees,
it can be like 'The Birds' movie.
This certainly isn't Arizona anymore


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